iPhone 5S Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Apple is Far Ahead

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Apple has launched its new iPhone 5s the latest iPhone in the series. At the same time Samsung has launched its Galaxy note 3 in around the same price zone. Both devices are extremely powerful and best in their class, but there are few important reasons why iPhone 5s beats Note 3.


The iPhone 5s retains the same design as iPhone 5 at the same time Samsung note 3 is slimmer than its previous version. The iPhone 5s weighs 112 grams that is much less than note 3 weighing 168 grams, making the device lighter in use. The screen size of note 3 is 5.7-inch whereas of the iPhone 5s is 4 inch same as iPhone 5 making it very easy to operate with one hand. Galaxy Note 3 is also very difficult to keep in pockets because of its massive size whereas the slim and trim iPhone 5s is easy to handle. The iPhone 5s has three color variants that is one more than its previous version.

Every apple phone comes with a remarkable new technology. Apple kept its promise by providing fingertip recognition home button an, entirely new technology absent in any smartphone till date. Samsung Note 3 was rumored of having this technology but ultimately company was unable to put it in.  Also the iPhone 5s has an 8 megapixel iSight camera capable of capturing photos even in low light with its dual-tone flashlight. The camera lens of note 3 is not as good as that iPhone 5s’s.

Talking about one of the main features- the operating system of the phone of the Note 3 will feature the same OS as Android 4.1 Jellybean as its previous version note 2. The new iPhone 5s features the all new IOS 7 with numerous new features that the IOS 6.

Snapdragon 800 to be Featured in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Launch

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With the release of Samsung galaxy note 3 days ahead, there are leaks suggesting its difference from its previous version galaxy note 2. The rumors say that for the first time in the history of Samsung, galaxy note 3 is to come up with two different processors. The processors will be a 2.3 quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and the Samsung Exynos 5420 processor. It was earlier heard that Samsung will be launching different processors in different regions, but at the time of release Snapdragon 800 powered device will only be made available. The reason being Exynos 5420 processor is having overheating problem and other issues that are yet to be ironed out by the manufacturer before they release the extraordinary 8 core processor.

Other rumors say that note 3 will be having a screen 5.7 inch or 5.99 inch will full HD display giving viewer the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, also somewhere it says that the device will have a super LCD and a Super AMOLED screen. The Samsung galaxy note 3 has a RAM of 3 GB and the customers will have a choice of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB of in built storage. Also for the camera feature reports suggest device having the most advanced version capturing images of resolution 13 megapixels that is highest Samsung has ever provided. The camera also has features like optical image stabilization. It is also being heard that Samsung’s new eye tracking features from Samsung galaxy s4 like Eye pause and Eye scroll are also included in galaxy note 3.

Samsung is set to launch its latest device at the Samsung unpacked event on 4th of September containing more features that manufacturer and users can imagine to make it the best device made available to humans till date.

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