iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Tough Competition

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Smartphones have captured the market in recent years with the Google app world feature that provides numerous applications for free for all the smartphone users. Both the well renowned companies of the world Samsung and Apple are competing in the market with the launch of their latest models.


Apple has released latest iPhone 5 and Samsung has come up with Galaxy S4. This is the most memorable comparison of smartphones occurring in past few years. However each device is having its own features with particular fanatics and critics. Since an average user of smartphone is unable to grasp the complications in technology used in each of the respective devices the users are adamant on the thought which smartphone will provide a better experience.

The iPhone 5 is glorified for its smooth and unique operating system that is out of the box. Galaxy S4 has installed advanced Android operating system that will enable users to personalize what they experience. However there are two most important differences in them which also leave an impact on the user’s view of each device.

The first thing consumer will think is about the ‘cost’ while making purchase of any of the smartphones. Today in the market demand of Samsung Galaxy S4 is at rage however; its competitor Apple’s iPhone 5 may conquer the market still due to its counterpart of making it a cheaper model.

HIS iSuppli estimated huge difference in the cost between both the mobile phones. This obviously means Apple will earn more profit which will ultimately increase its investment in innovation, support, price competition and marketing. Apple iPhone 5 with storage capacity of 16BG costs $196 to the manufacturer. The cost estimated for 32GB storage version is $217 and that of 64GB version would be $238.Samsung Galaxy S4’s cost for 16GB model is estimated $244 which means its cost is $48 more per unit in comparison to iPhone. However the LTE version of S4 with 16GB storage is $3 cheap.

UK: Apple iPhone 5 Available with Genuine iPhone 5 Accessories Only at PrePayMania Online Store

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A lot of noise was being made when the new iPhone from apple was just about to be released. Many customers were excited about the new product and were just waiting to get the first hand experience. The iPhone was the product which had actually revolutionized the smart phone market a few years ago.

iPhone 5 Accessories

The whole series of iPhone devices are considered a status symbol now and they are known as the best performers in the market. People were so excited about the new iPhone that a large number or pre orders were set for the product before its release.

Now that the phone has hit the market, there is quite a huge demand for it. The latest phone is known as the iPhone 5 and is the flagship device for the time being. This SIM Free Phone is sharing the same bloodline as its predecessors but is a bit different.

The first and the most visible difference is about the size of the device as the new iPhone has grown bigger and comes with a 4 inch Led IPS TFT backlit touch screen. The large display of the phone comes with the protection of corning gorilla glass and oleo phobic coating.

Various network carriers have come up with various network offers for this elegant phone. When it comes to performance and looks, this phone has come out with an impressive score.

The Apple iPhone 5 has nearly everything that you could probably expect from a top end smart phone. It has all the built in apps for the social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. You do not just get access to the iPhone app market but also get the I Cloud service with the new iPhone. If you are not able to get the phone in the markets, you can now find it online on various online portals.

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HTC ONE vs. Apple iPhone 5: Features and Specification Comparison

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HTC One, HTC’s new Smartphone, was unveiled last month in New York. The phone is expected to go global from this month but in UK the expected release date is March 15, 2013.

HTC One Vs. Apple iPhone 5 Features

The iPhone SIM free is very light in weight and extremely thin. It has got a blazing fast processor and a 4in Retina display.

Now let’s look at the features of both HTC One and iPhone 5:

Display: The HTC phone has got a 4.7in Super LCD3 display and has got a zero-gap aluminum unibody design which enables one to hold the handset comfortably. It has got a full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with the 469 pixels-per-inch pixel density. And if we compare it with iPhone 5 then it is higher than it as iPhone 5 offers just 640 x 1136 pixels on the tried and tested LED-backlit IPS LCD screen.

Both HTC phone and iPhone 5 has got unibody aluminum design. Also, the HTC phone has even got unique antenna technology which gives excellent signal to the users during the phone calls.

The iPhone 5 has got Corning’s Gorilla Glass protection while the HTC cell phone has the newer Corning Gorilla Glass 2 technology with oleo phobic coating to protect it against scratches or any damage to the screen. The HTC phone also has a revamped User Interface – Sense UI v5.

Dimensions: Apple iPhone 5 has just 7.6mm thickness and is the world’s thinnest Smartphone. In short, the iPhone 5 is 1.7mm thinner and 31 grams lighter than its HTC counterpart, which measures 9.3mm in thickness and weighs 143g. Also, the HTC phone is 13.6mm taller than the Apple iPhone. Hence,

HTC phone: 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm

IPhone 5: 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm

Operating System: The HTC phone comes with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean which can be further upgraded to Android 4.2.2. Some of its features include HTC Blink Feed (live-streaming of social, entertainment and lifestyle updates), HTC Boom Sound with Beats Audio integration, HTC Sense TV (an interactive programme guide and remote control for TVs, set-top boxes and receivers) while simultaneously shooting stills), HTC Sense Voice (boosts call Volume and quality in noisy environments for louder and clearer phone calls) and HTC Zoe (ability to capture three second clips of 1080p video.

Likewise, there are many other features that can be compared further in operating system and even others like its camera, processor and RAM, connectivity, storage, battery and even price.

Apple iPhone 5 Bubbled Up with Best Selling Smartphone of February

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If world war wasn’t to be restricted to countries, then the tiff between Apple and Samsung could be given a status of the same in the mobile phone industry. This war between the two major players seems like never to end, at least for the time being.

Both the market players have launched their best devices in the market, respectively, and have been gaining a lot with the surging sales figures. However, that’s not the objective. The aim is to gain the best – selling phone position in the world, which has been captured by Apple, which is known for its perfection and quality in the industry.

Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5, undoubtedly, stole the show by beating Samsung S3 with a good margin and ranked it down to the 3rd position in the market. In a recent study by Strategy Analytics, it was found that the increasing demand of iPhone 5 made the year end of 2012 to be a grand success for the company.

Apple iPhone 5 bags the title of the best – selling position and tops the list followed by iPhone 4S again an Apple product and third is obviously Samsung S3 in the list. Apple sold twenty-four point seven million iPhone 5 devices in just the last three months of the previous year 2012. This figure is much more than the entire Australian population and thus, is a massive sales figure that Apple has been benefiting from. While the 2nd ranker iPhone 4s was way below with selling 17.4 million units and Samsung S3 just missed the 2nd rank position by selling 15.4 million units in around the same period.

Out of 5 smartphones of various providers sold, the combined figure of Apple’s 1st 2 rankers happens to be 1 out of these five smartphones making a ratio of 1:4 in the market for itself. However, it takes no time for the trends to change and hence; relying on these figures will not be feasible.

Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Two Most Advanced Smartphone

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Samsung is going to launch one of the most awaited Smartphone’s in the market in just some days and every Smartphone lover is waiting for this phone so that they can compare it with the most popular phone of Apple that is iPhone5 so that they can choose the best Smartphone of the season for themselves. Samsung and apple have always been in the competition for coming up with the most advanced Smartphone’s.

The Apple iPhone 5 was unveiled in September and is considered to be the first iPhone to feature a large display. It comes with a 4inch display while the Samsung Galaxy S4 is said to have either a 4.99-inch or 5-inch display. Apple iPhone 5 SIM Free comes up with an aluminum back along with a glass and metal band which makes it standout when it comes to style whereas it is said that the galaxyS4 uses the polycarbonate material as it is durable and allows the users to install their own extended battery.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & Apple iPhone 5 Advance Smartphones

The apple phone comes up with a 1440mAh non removable battery while the Samsung phone sports a 2600mAh removable battery which gives the users a chance to fit in their own extended battery.  The iPhone features an 8 rear megapixel camera alo0ng with an HD front facing camera while the new galaxy phone features a 13 megapixel camera.

The main feature which will draw your attention is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 features a quad core processor while the Apple iPhone features a dual core processor which means that the Samsung offers you with better multitasking and gaming facilities as well as a better battery life.

The next feature about the new Samsung phone is that it is said that this phone will come up with a wireless charger kit. This particular feature is not available in the Apple phone because of the non removable back. This way the two best Smartphone’s will be in competition in the market. Let’s see who wins the battle.

Apple iPhone 5: The Next-Gen Supermodel Of The Super-Smart Phones

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A few days ago, the tech world was ablaze with comments about Apple Inc. latest offering for the technocrats: the iPhone 5. And there was hardly a few sentences of downplay for it, as compared to the pages and pages of praise it got. Looking at the specs, it is hard to not feel surprised. Simply put, it is jaw-dropping.

  • The shell: The most noticeable visual alteration from the 4S to the iPhone 5 is the case and the screen. Apple went another half inch higher on the display, with a screen size of 4 inches diagonally. And the casing is a happy departure from the all-glass to the part aluminium and textured back panel of the present version, making the phone incredibly light-feeling and comfy to slide right into the hands of the user as per most iPhone 5 review writers.
  • Stunning screen: Making no sacrifice in resolution in spite of bumping up the screen half an inch, Apple has integrated its trademark Retina display to give stunning picture and video quality to the latest iPhone. The increased screen resolution only added to the overall viewing satisfaction on the iPhone, but it is still better on the other Apple devices like the MacBook and the iPad which have better screen sizes.
  • Insight on the iSight: One of the world’s most popular cameras may have outdone itself. A smaller aperture than the 4S, the iPhone 5 camera comes with a sapphire covering lens, making it harder than the previous versions while retaining the 8.1 megapixel sensor. An all-new Panorama mode with shooting assistant which integrates the phone’s gyroscope, sensor and processor to stitch together jaw-dropping visuals of large objects like buildings, all the way up to 28 megapixels. Talk about a crystal clear shot!
  • Blazing fast connectivity, everywhere: Apple’s latest offering integrates the latest 4G LTE network antenna, which gives up to 100 Mbps browsing speed on the go (subject to environmental and carrier conditions). It also integrates a dual frequency Wi-Fi antenna for browsing speeds up to 150 Mbps, complementing a stunning phone with lightning fast connectivity.
  • Music experience- to the next level: After extensive testing and trials, Apple have re-invented the famous iPod headphones and re-christened them “Ear Pods”. Starting the engineering from the ear itself, Apple has managed to come out with the best set of headphones ever. These new phones make the music feel like it’s actually playing inside one’s head, and what’s better: they never fall off unless removed as they are one-size fits all phones.
  • Packing a punch with the processor: Apple’s new blazing fast A6 chip is the first thing that the phone’s commendable multi-tasking capability can be attributed to. With a new design, Apple improved on its predecessor A5 chip to definitely pack a punch in the processor as the apps and all other functionalities are most definitely faster, comparing to the lagging that the 4S encountered with slightly complex tasks, as per most iPhone 5 review writers.
  • Lightning interface- the new face: The traditional 30-pin connector is done away with for a smaller and lighter connector named “Lighting”, with switching connector for adaptability to other 30-pin accessories made available in the short future.
  • iOS 6: The newest platform from the house of Apple, this version of the iOS comes packed with an inbuilt maps application, doing away with Google Maps, which provides turn by turn guidance and street view 3D rendering of most of the major cities. It has, among other upgrades, a more responsive and attentive Siri, the Apple voice assistant who listens better with the new beam forming noise cancellation microphone; a better and more central Facebook and Twitter integration for better networking and integration.

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