Apple iPhone 4S – One Of The Best Devices To Go For

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Apple iPhone 4S has been one of the best gadgets that have ever been developed on the face of the earth. This is not something simply being said for promoting the brand of iPhones but really, if one wants to have the devices on the basis of the degree of performance delivered. Take a look at each and every part of the phone and one definitely will be left impressed with the results. Right from the first glance of the apple iPhone 4s one will be impressed by the chic external form of this device. The 3.5 inch display of the phone is made of LED screen and is known for saving battery in the long run. The corning gorilla glass is also a feature to be considered. The most innovative feature is that the iPhone 4S SIM free is available in different internal memory versions. The SIM free is one of the most featured options in this device as one can go with the featured network as wanted.

iPhone 4s SIM free is available in three various internal memory versions which include 16GB, 32GB and 64GB to select from as per the requirement of the user. It is really hard to believe that the iPhone 4S 64GB has so much of memory that one will simply be left to wonder. Imagine the amount of data one can store and move around with if one carries the iPhone 4s 64GB which has now become quite a famous device in the circle of the people who are really into the technical aspects of the phone.

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HTC One X – All the HTC Features you’ll ever need

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With the marvelous gadgets coming out of the HTC bandwagon how are the other devices supposed to hold their own in the market of smart mobile phones? There is a tough competition in each segment of cell phones but the HTC One X has been the ultimate answer to all the competing models in the segment and has had the whole market awestruck by its long list of impressive features. The concept behind the HTC one x Android phones was to ensure that they become the smartest device and no one should be even able to stand in their platform and be able to go toe to toe with it neither in terms of looks nor performance.

It is not easy to explain the HTC one X features and so let us start basically with the looks and then go into the technical details. With a super IPS LCD2 touch capacitative screen that gives a display of 4.7 inches with a protection of corning gorilla glass, HTC one x makes viewing anything a pleasure. The 32 GB memory of the phone is one of the main HTC one x features which is not so easy to top. The HTC one x android phones have the latest android OS making it the talk of the town. The 8 MP camera with LED flash is also one of the main features which make this phone everybody’s darling. With so many innovative features like HD recording and being able to capture pictures at the same time, this phone is definitely a leader among other mobile phones.