Tips to Improve Battery Life of Sony Xperia Z

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Sony Xperia Z Image

Sony Xperia Z runs on a 2330mAh battery. The company claims that it offers 11 hours of talk time and standby time up to 550 hours.

It also has got a new battery feature known as Battery STAMINA mode which, it is claimed, improves standby time up to four times.

Battery Life - Sony Xperia Z

However, the battery test conducted by a reliable source suggests that it gives talk time of over 16 hours, web browsing of six hours and 37 minutes and video playback life of five hours and 39 minutes. However, users can increase the battery life of the Xperia Z by following below tips:

  1. Users should not over-charge or under-charge the phone. Charge it when the battery is fully out or when just 10 to 20% charge is left.
  2. Use the charger which comes along with the device only. Also, charge the handset via AC chargers instead of using USB points.
  3. Turn off the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G when not in use.
  4. Turn on the GPS only when it is required.
  5. To check the updates in every four hours or more, set up auto sync.
  6. It is advisable to avoid the use of live wallpapers as it will affect the battery life. Therefore, use ones without animation. Try using wallpaper with a lot of black as it amounts to less battery life wastage.
  7. Make sure that the users close all the unnecessary apps.
  8. Reduce the brightness of the screen and make sure that the brightness of the screen should be maximum 10%.
  9. Several apps are available in the Play Store which all has different power-saving modes. Try to find those apps which are according to your needs.
  10. Make sure that you restart the phone, Sony Xperia Z, once in three days or at least once a week to extend the battery life of the device.

Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Update Now Available with Sony Xperia Z

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The best of Sony in the smart phone market was yet to be revealed. This was what all the customers in the various markets said about Sony phones. Well Sony seems to have come out with a full fledged reply to that and has come out with the Sony xperia Z. The phone was introduced in the London markets in a flashy event which caught the attention of everybody.

Sony Xperia Z Android Jelly Bean

So far this year, Sony phones have been quite impressive and the top segment just got a lot better with the top class Z. It was released in February and has become quite popular with the customers and has registered a very healthy sales figure.

Powered by a 1.5 GHz quad-core QUALCOMM processor, the Xperia Z is really a smart phone that one should look out for. This processor is teamed with an Adreno 320 graphics card which gives the Xperia Z an edge over the others. A 2GB RAM and an internal space of 16 GB which is assisted by the micro SD slot makes the Sony Xperia Z a very desirable phone.

This dust proof and waterproof beauty from Sony is equipped with a 13.1 MP primary camera and a secondary 2.2MP front camera. The phone was introduced in the market on the 4.1.2 android OS but now the 4.2 android Jelly bean update for the phone is also available. The Sony Xperia Jelly Bean update has been accepted very well by the markets.

The updates enhance the white balance of the screen of the Xperia Z as well as other performance enhancements. The latest Sony xperia jelly bean Update has been released on the new sets. But you have to be a bit patient if you are waiting for a notification for update as it is so far available only over the air (OTA).

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Blackberry Q10 vs. Blackberry Z10

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Since years Blackberry has been the leader in the market when it comes to smart business phones. They have always delivered as per the requirement of the business class. But recently their status as being the ultimate business phone brand has been threatened by the other brands.

So Blackberry has got the better of them all and is all set to take the limelight again with the Q10 and the Z10. But the fact remains that both these phones will also be competing against each other which will be a battle to see.

Both the Blackberry Z10 and the Blackberry Q10 run on the new BB10 Os but both the phones are quite different and are targeted at different segments of the market. Though they both will not cross each other’s path, one will always compare new phones.

Blackberry Q10 vs. Blackberry Z10

The Z10 sports a touch screen while the Q10 has the popping QWERTY keypad. Both the phones ooze class and will not look out of place in a business meeting but still the Q10 scores over the Z10 in matter of looks.

In the camera department both the phones fare the same with similar primary as well as secondary camera. The same goes in the matter of internal memory as both phones come with 2 GB internal memory. The displays of both the phones are very clear and sharp. But the screen demands of the Z10 are more and that is why they power usage of the Blackberry Z10 is slightly more than the Q10.

The Blackberry Q10 is professional to the core and has a very formal look. It is for those professionals who like to work and do not blend in any time for playing or leisure. While the z10 helps one to blend fun and business in liberal proportions.


Blackberry Z10 Review

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Blackberry Z10 is attempting to compete with the likes of Google, Apple and also with the Microsoft in terms of specs, features and mass appeal.

Blackberry Z10

The Z10 is a well-built and sturdy phone which is made of plastic almost entirely and is flat on both sides. It has 4.2 inch display and has small and compact frame. The 3.5 mm headset jack, micro HDMI and microUSB all sit with the band around the handset, with a power / wake button at the center of the top, volume buttons on the upper right. However, the microUSB port is placed near the middle of the left side of the phone.

It has a resolution of 1280 x 768 with a pixel density of 356 ppi. Both reproduction and color clarity are great but lacks an auto-adjust option for the screen’s brightness.

It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 and 1.5 GHz dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM. If there is a heavy usage of text, emails, browsing, social networking and hotspot, you can use the phone about 7 hours on average without charging.

It has got promising touch-optimized (button less) user interface. It has got a maximum of eight Active Tiles- all representing recently used apps and when tapped, the app pull-up in the exact state that you had left. You can also get to see the unread notifications from the bottom. However, you can reorganize them for your easy access. There is also a Blackberry Hub where you will see all the notifications of text messages, chat programs, social networks, email accounts and more.

You can even take the benefit of its gesture-based navigation which differentiates BlackBerry 10 from Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Also, its 8 megapixel camera consists of Time Shift which takes series of pictures and you can select best out of them.

Also, the keyboard of this phone can auto-correct the misspelled words.


Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nokia Lumia 920 Review

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Which one is the best- Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Android phone or Nokia’s Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8? Let’s have a look:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Nokia Lumia 920

The Galaxy S4 is rounded and pebble-like and is mostly made of plastic with a removable cover which is available only in black and white. While the Lumia 920 comes in bright yellow and has got rounded edges with one-piece polycarbonate body.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has 5 inch screen and measures 69.8 x 136.6mm which is 7.9mm thin and 130g light. While Nokia Lumia 920 is chunkier, at 71x130x10.7mm with 4.5 inch screen weighing 185g. It has got the resolution of 1280×768 while the S4 has got a Full HD resolution of 1080×1920. The 920 has got an IPS LCD screen with an anti-glare filter.

It has got the pixel density of 332ppi while the S4 has got a whooping of 441ppi. The 920’s screen is curved and like the Galaxy S4, it also works if you’re wearing gloves. The Galaxy S4 display has Super AMOLED technology and Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

The Lumia 920 runs Windows Phone 8 and has a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip, backed by 1GB of RAM. While the S4 has got Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and has a 1.9GHz quad-core processors and 2GB of RAM.

The Galaxy S4 has got 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of storage with a microSD card that can be extended up to 64GB while the 920 has 32GB of storage but doesn’t have a memory card slot.

The Galaxy S4 has got a 13 megapixel rear camera that can shoot video in Full HD 1080p quality. It also has a 2 megapixel camera that can also record 1080p video. While the 920 has an 8.7 megapixel sensor and optical and has got City Lens that can also shoot 1080p video. It has got Carl Zeiss lens with optical image stabilization. It has also front facing 1.2Mp camera.

The Galaxy S4 has got a massive and removable 2600mAh battery while the 920 has got non-removable 7.4Wh battery pack.


HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: Battle for Perfect Camera Quality

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When it comes to technology, nothing can beat Samsung galaxy S4 and HTC one. It is extremely difficult to choose the best smart phone from these two choices. Common features like display and processor speed are almost the same for these two models.

HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: Camera Quality

One of the major attractions of HTC and Samsung smart phones is their camera. Though, the lens power of Galaxy S4 is 13 MP, that doesn’t make it superior to HTC’s 4MP camera. HTC introduces special image stabilization technology, which will help people to take photos, even in low light environments.

When we consider the picture quality of Samsung galaxy S4, we can identify that, the pictures are highly saturated. High contrast luminosity along with 13MP pixel rate will deliver high quality pictures. The lens of HTC will produce exact natural colors, without any saturation and contrast change.

If you want to capture every minute details of the environment, it will be better to use a galaxy S4. The high pixel rate will help you to get more clear pictures. You can capture 5the ecstasy of your holidays on beaches and hillsides, using your galaxy S4 camera.

HTC is more like a night vision camera. No other models can take such extra clear pictures in dim light. You cannot capture the beauty of evening sky in its full glory, using a galaxy S4 camera. The powerful lenses of HTC will help you to capture even the tiniest color variation in sky.

Every photographer will love to have a camera like Samsung galaxy S4. Its stunning 13 mega pixel camera can capture stunning memories forever.HTC one can distinguish even the minute color differences in a frame. If you want to take high quality pictures in dim light, it will be advisable to purchase a HTC one Smartphone.