12 Nov

4G Pay & Go Go Go

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On Thursday 31st October O2 introduced their 4G Pay & Go Go Go tariff. The breaking news is that unlike the 3G customers, customers don’t have to opt in providing they have enough balance. Pay and Go Go Go customers can sign up to 4G and get 8 weeks free subscription to O2 and additionally…

23 Oct

How to transfer iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy S4

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People in today’s world are switching from one mobile to another with the emerging of new models in the market. In that case you need to transfer all the contact list, calendar, SMS, messages and apps from your old phone to new ones. But to upgrade the data from an old version to the new…

12 Oct

Methods to speed up the iOS 7 on iPhone and iPad Mini

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The system The iOS 7 mobile phone operating system supports the iPhone and the iPad mini electronic devices. These devices are manufactured by the reputed multinational electronic manufacturing company Apple Inc. These are called the smart phones as they are powered by the Android mobile phone operating system. It is immensely popular all over the…

07 Oct

iPhone 5s Top Selling Smartphone in UK September

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On all the major networks Apple iPhone 5s went on Sale in the UK. The newest iPhone has outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and became the top selling smartphone in the UK for the month of September. While the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4 are selling hot, BlackBerry’s Z10 and Q10 handsets had “very soft” sales…

20 Sep

iOS7: What’s hot? What’s not?

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iOS 7 is now available to download, Apple claims there are over 200 new features in its new iOS7. iOS 7 introduces new features like Control Centre, AirDrop for iOS and smarter multitasking. It makes the things you do every day even easier, faster and more enjoyable. And while many of the apps look different,…

18 Sep

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Quick Solution To Certain Problems

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Galaxy Note 2 is an embodiment of a smartphone and a tablet functioning in a single device. Unfortunately certain problems were encountered by the device users while using it daily. Here are certain problems that could be found and solved simply by yourself. Contacts Disappearance: Issue: Many a time contacts in Note 2 occasionally disappear….

17 Sep

iPhone 5S Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Apple is Far Ahead

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Apple has launched its new iPhone 5s the latest iPhone in the series. At the same time Samsung has launched its Galaxy note 3 in around the same price zone. Both devices are extremely powerful and best in their class, but there are few important reasons why iPhone 5s beats Note 3. The iPhone 5s…