Snapdragon 800 to be Featured in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Launch

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With the release of Samsung galaxy note 3 days ahead, there are leaks suggesting its difference from its previous version galaxy note 2. The rumors say that for the first time in the history of Samsung, galaxy note 3 is to come up with two different processors. The processors will be a 2.3 quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and the Samsung Exynos 5420 processor. It was earlier heard that Samsung will be launching different processors in different regions, but at the time of release Snapdragon 800 powered device will only be made available. The reason being Exynos 5420 processor is having overheating problem and other issues that are yet to be ironed out by the manufacturer before they release the extraordinary 8 core processor.

Other rumors say that note 3 will be having a screen 5.7 inch or 5.99 inch will full HD display giving viewer the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, also somewhere it says that the device will have a super LCD and a Super AMOLED screen. The Samsung galaxy note 3 has a RAM of 3 GB and the customers will have a choice of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB of in built storage. Also for the camera feature reports suggest device having the most advanced version capturing images of resolution 13 megapixels that is highest Samsung has ever provided. The camera also has features like optical image stabilization. It is also being heard that Samsung’s new eye tracking features from Samsung galaxy s4 like Eye pause and Eye scroll are also included in galaxy note 3.

Samsung is set to launch its latest device at the Samsung unpacked event on 4th of September containing more features that manufacturer and users can imagine to make it the best device made available to humans till date.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 to be Blessed with an Android 4.3 Update

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After the release of OS update for Samsung Galaxy S4, other Samsung users are keenly waiting for their turns. Well, the company seems quite committed towards their consumers as it has promised updates for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. These two phones had been outfitted with Android 4.1.2 by the company at the time of selling. Now, the users can think of upgrading their device to Android’s new version 4.2.2 in order to receive few more features on their device. Definitely the new version of Android will be better than earlier versions and will surely unleash a lot of features for the users.


However, there is a twist! Some more surprises are waiting for the users of these two devices. Recent news and updates revealed that these two devices would not undergo the Android 4.2.2 update. Well, do not be too disappointed as all bad news are associated with a good one. Users of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 can directly update their devices to Android 4.3 version. Well, this is definitely a grand announcement from Samsung to lure its present customers and on top of these it has been also revealed that the new update will be available soon for the users. So a little more patience and you will be taken to a new world of Android 4.3.

It is to be noted that getting new software update in the old device may not be hassle experience always as it may result slow working of the device. However, the update will unleash some improved features.

It is like tarot card reading to predict what are the updates or features that are going to be unleashed after the OS update. Though, it is quite certain that seamless activities of a few newly launched apps can be experienced.

Does Lumia 1020 camera have the competancy to enable compact system camera?

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Even though cell phone technology has been on a steep rise, it has been found that many people are not fully satisfied with the picture quality of the mobile snaps. It looks good on mobile LCD only but with computers, it looks damn ugly. Is not it? Well, surely there are a good number of people who have faced this problem.


To address this problem, Nokia dares to come up with answer with its new Nokia Lumia 1020 handset, which is basically a cell phone stuffed inside a compact camera. Sounds interesting! Is not it? Well, indeed the cell phone is interesting and with its new concept is can be termed as truly ‘unique’. Now the question is – how well the camera will perform? Can it really take on the available compact cameras of the market? Well, let us take sneak peek to find the answers.

The cell phone device is stuffed with 41 MP cam which is a revolution in cell phone industry as well as in compact camera industry. The device has been put against iPhone 5 in order to judge its competency. iPhone 5 has a 8MP shooter which is quite good and provides average quality pictures. After a comparison of the snapped photos of these two phones, Nokia Lumia 1020 can be regarded as the clear champion with its amazing high quality mega pixel count.

Now, we need to know – is Nokia Lumia 1020 better than pother compact cameras? Well, if you are comparing the camera with the legacy of Nikon or Canon, then you would end up with disappointment. Any day, Nikon or Canon 14MP or 15MP camera can beat this camera cum Cell phone of Nokia. However, on the conclusion note it can be mentioned that Nokia Lumia 1020 is a unique cell phone, which provides truly high quality photo clicking experience. Overall, a good attempt made by Nokia.

HTC ONE Developer Edition Available with Android 4.3

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The decision of HTC to jump directly into Android 4.3 version instead of Jelly Bean 4.2.2 is simply phenomenal. The news was announced by the President of Global Sales, HTC recently and when asked about this sudden update, he confirmed that the company does not wish to compromise on its sales with small software updates. Thus, the recent leap to Android 4.3 is certainly meant to keep the customers hooked to the aura and charisma of this device that has already attracted millions of customers. In fact, this step has been taken by the company for expanding horizons for their customers and transcending new realms of customer benefits.


Understanding the advancement of HTC One to Android 4.3

However, there are lots of whispers going around in different circles whether this lift is meant solely for HTC One Developer as a host of models have already been released been taken by this new hotel. HTC One developer has crossed new borders and limitations are a winner straightway.  The intention of one of the major giants of mobiles, the jump of HTC to move into Android 4.3 is being observed carefully and the official release of this model is slated at about September rather than in any other time. The 64 gigabyte model with a host of other features that are equally worthy of praise, the cult device is sure to add to the special collection of mobile devices belonging to the general public.

The reason for which HTC is popular includes the features and over dozen attributes that are hard to find elsewhere. Therefore, if you are planning to invest money on buying the new and upgraded version of HTC, you will have to wait until the month of September for grabbing the golden opportunity of owning one of the best and technically advanced models of HTC creating ripples across the world of technical progress.