Samsung Galaxy S4 Features and Specifications

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Samsung will unveil its new Galaxy S4 Smartphone tonight in New York. The Samsung had given out teaser pictures and videos in the YouTube. There are rumors around about the Samsung Galaxy S4 features. If we believe these rumors then here are the major ones:

It’s biggest, amazing and the most wonderful feature is its contact-less gesture controls. This simply means that if the user wants to attend the call then s/he can do it by just lifting the handset to their ear. Also, if one wants to click the icons of the phone then the user has to just hover their finger over the phone’s screen.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Moreover, to scroll down the screen one can do it just by their eye movements. By the eye movement technology, the video would get paused when you will look away from the screen. Also, at your own pace, you can also scroll through the pages of text. The advertisers say that this will be very helpful for them as this technology will help them to learn which ads attracts the attention of the viewers and which ads are ignored.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors have it that this new Smartphone will have 5 inch screen with a high definition AMOLED display. Also, the speaker of the phone would be at the bottom left of the back and the Micro USB charger would be at the base of the phone. The headphone jack would be at the top, power button on the right and the volume rocker on the left.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will have “4+4” cores. This means that this Smartphone will have eight-core processor. It will be a quad-core processor with four virtual cores which is similar to Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology. This Smartphone will come with 4G speeds, and will have 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage and a micro SD slot to extend the storage. It will also have A13-megapixel rear mounted camera which will enable the users to take 360-degree panoramic images.

With Samsung Wallet, you will be able to store concert tickets and airline boarding passes in your phone. Also, mobile payments with Visa will also be introduced which would be possible with a contact-less payment method known as Near Field Communication.

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Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Two Most Advanced Smartphone

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Samsung is going to launch one of the most awaited Smartphone’s in the market in just some days and every Smartphone lover is waiting for this phone so that they can compare it with the most popular phone of Apple that is iPhone5 so that they can choose the best Smartphone of the season for themselves. Samsung and apple have always been in the competition for coming up with the most advanced Smartphone’s.

The Apple iPhone 5 was unveiled in September and is considered to be the first iPhone to feature a large display. It comes with a 4inch display while the Samsung Galaxy S4 is said to have either a 4.99-inch or 5-inch display. Apple iPhone 5 SIM Free comes up with an aluminum back along with a glass and metal band which makes it standout when it comes to style whereas it is said that the galaxyS4 uses the polycarbonate material as it is durable and allows the users to install their own extended battery.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & Apple iPhone 5 Advance Smartphones

The apple phone comes up with a 1440mAh non removable battery while the Samsung phone sports a 2600mAh removable battery which gives the users a chance to fit in their own extended battery.  The iPhone features an 8 rear megapixel camera alo0ng with an HD front facing camera while the new galaxy phone features a 13 megapixel camera.

The main feature which will draw your attention is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 features a quad core processor while the Apple iPhone features a dual core processor which means that the Samsung offers you with better multitasking and gaming facilities as well as a better battery life.

The next feature about the new Samsung phone is that it is said that this phone will come up with a wireless charger kit. This particular feature is not available in the Apple phone because of the non removable back. This way the two best Smartphone’s will be in competition in the market. Let’s see who wins the battle.