iPhone 4/4s Bumper Case with FM Transmitter

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IPHONE has revolutionized the phone market and changed the face of mobile industry. Itssure to have struck a chord with all the users and all the non-users and they now certainly see it as one of the most desirable gadgets ever. Now that you own one of the most enigmatic phones- the iPhone 4, then surely you would want to protect it and adorn it too! But at the same time you wouldn’t want to hide its beauty behind covers and loose the opportunity of savoring and enjoying every moment of those jealous stares, would you? Thus iPhone has come up with the iPhone 4 Bumper Case. It adds to the style and at the same time protects your precious iPhone from damage. The case comes as a part of a package consisting of iPhone 4/4S FM Transmitter, dual socket USB car charger and a mini-to-usb cable.

iphone fm transmitter

The iPhone 4/4s FM Transmitter and iPhone 4 Bumper Case fits snuggly around the iPhone and gives it a subtle look. Its design is practical and thus makes it easy for you to access your phone without taking it out of the case. iPhone 4/4S FM Transmitter is an add on that will add to your pleasure of using the phone. For all you music lovers it would be the delightful to be able to tune into your favorite radio channels at all times. It is a portable device and certainly completes your iPhone4 music family. Being a 89.6-107.9 MGHZ transmitter It provides unbelievable sound quality and radio signal owing to the inbuilt FM radio.The dual cable of the in car-charger enables you to multi task by allowing you to charge two devices at the same instant thus saving time. The inbuilt USB port in the iPhone 4/4s bumper case enables you to charge the phone and at the same time transmit music too transmitter package! Thus the bumper case and the transmitter package give the best benefits and time saving features possible to the user as they say iPhone is iPhone!