iPhone 5S Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Apple is Far Ahead

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Apple has launched its new iPhone 5s the latest iPhone in the series. At the same time Samsung has launched its Galaxy note 3 in around the same price zone. Both devices are extremely powerful and best in their class, but there are few important reasons why iPhone 5s beats Note 3.


The iPhone 5s retains the same design as iPhone 5 at the same time Samsung note 3 is slimmer than its previous version. The iPhone 5s weighs 112 grams that is much less than note 3 weighing 168 grams, making the device lighter in use. The screen size of note 3 is 5.7-inch whereas of the iPhone 5s is 4 inch same as iPhone 5 making it very easy to operate with one hand. Galaxy Note 3 is also very difficult to keep in pockets because of its massive size whereas the slim and trim iPhone 5s is easy to handle. The iPhone 5s has three color variants that is one more than its previous version.

Every apple phone comes with a remarkable new technology. Apple kept its promise by providing fingertip recognition home button an, entirely new technology absent in any smartphone till date. Samsung Note 3 was rumored of having this technology but ultimately company was unable to put it in.  Also the iPhone 5s has an 8 megapixel iSight camera capable of capturing photos even in low light with its dual-tone flashlight. The camera lens of note 3 is not as good as that iPhone 5s’s.

Talking about one of the main features- the operating system of the phone of the Note 3 will feature the same OS as Android 4.1 Jellybean as its previous version note 2. The new iPhone 5s features the all new IOS 7 with numerous new features that the IOS 6.

HTC ONE Developer Edition Available with Android 4.3

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The decision of HTC to jump directly into Android 4.3 version instead of Jelly Bean 4.2.2 is simply phenomenal. The news was announced by the President of Global Sales, HTC recently and when asked about this sudden update, he confirmed that the company does not wish to compromise on its sales with small software updates. Thus, the recent leap to Android 4.3 is certainly meant to keep the customers hooked to the aura and charisma of this device that has already attracted millions of customers. In fact, this step has been taken by the company for expanding horizons for their customers and transcending new realms of customer benefits.


Understanding the advancement of HTC One to Android 4.3

However, there are lots of whispers going around in different circles whether this lift is meant solely for HTC One Developer as a host of models have already been released been taken by this new hotel. HTC One developer has crossed new borders and limitations are a winner straightway.  The intention of one of the major giants of mobiles, the jump of HTC to move into Android 4.3 is being observed carefully and the official release of this model is slated at about September rather than in any other time. The 64 gigabyte model with a host of other features that are equally worthy of praise, the cult device is sure to add to the special collection of mobile devices belonging to the general public.

The reason for which HTC is popular includes the features and over dozen attributes that are hard to find elsewhere. Therefore, if you are planning to invest money on buying the new and upgraded version of HTC, you will have to wait until the month of September for grabbing the golden opportunity of owning one of the best and technically advanced models of HTC creating ripples across the world of technical progress.

Features of Nokia Lumia 920

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You have come across lots of phones in the gadgets market. But which one will you prefer buying? Obviously, it would be SIM free phones. They are available in common and most preferred as well. Lots of companies sell SIM Free Phones that also includes Nokia which is the most trusted and reliable mobile handsets company. Nokia’s one of the best handsets is its new flagship mobile, Lumia 920.

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920, images were never clear but with the introduction of Nokia’s new Pure Motion HD+ display, it offers better than high definition. It has got 8 MP camera having 3264 x 2448 pixels which has optical image stabilization, Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash and autofocus.

With its impressive PureView technology, you can capture clear images even in the low light settings. The camera of this phone has also got features like touch focus and geo-tagging. With the help of these features, you can capture wonderful images and can be saved and shared on the social networking sites through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and microUSB.

Nokia Lumia 920 has got display size of 4.5 inches with dimensions of 130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7 mm. This phone is crammed with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and has the resolutions of 768 x 1280 pixels. With its touch sensitive panel, you can operate this phone even when wearing the gloves.

Lumia 920 has got Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system and chipset of Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon. Its internal memory storage is 32 GB which cannot be expanded further.

iPad 4 Outshines by New iPad Mini Retina Display launched by Apple

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Apple has been a market leader in the industry of technology. The company so much believes in perfection that it competes with itself to get better and provide its users with the finest gadgets ever. This can easily be proved by the efforts and hard work the technicians have put in the research and development of iPad Mini to make it better and overcome all its shortcomings to let the user experience the desired satisfaction by using it.Apple iPad 4 and New iPad Mini

The current version of iPad ‘Mini’ comes with a seven point nine inch screen which is quite smaller to iPad 4 of Apple. With the limitation of the size of the screen that this mini version of iPad has, it is obvious that the retina display will not able to compete with the bigger screen sized 4th edition of iPad. According to some Chinese language research, there has been some news in the market that Apple is enhancing the retina display of its mini version of iPad which will have the capacity to even surpass the current retina display of the 4th edition of iPad.

The 2nd edition of mini version of iPad is expected to have a retina display of three twenty four pixels per inch (PPI). The current version of mini iPad has a resolution display of 1024 x 768 screens which is now going to be enhanced to 2048 x 1536 display screens. The enhanced screen resolution of this mini iPad 2 is thus, expected to be double of what it is now.

Also, Apple is striving to have a three twenty four pixels per inch retina display of mini iPad 2 which will exceed the two sixty four pixels per inch display of Retina iPad. This display gets very close to the three twenty six pixels per inch display of the iPhone.

The reason behind putting in all these efforts is because of the criticism that mini iPad has received for its screen display of mere one sixty three pixels per inch. Moreover, the mini iPad was being overshadowed by the two major products of Apple – 4th edition of iPad and iPhone 5.

Apple being known for the quality of its products is keen on ensuring that the high standards set for its retina display of its products is maintained.