iPhone 5 Cases – Style On With Efficiency

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Case covers are one of the most important few accessories that are must for any device. With the passage of time, the technology has evolved and new device have been invented. iPhone has been one of the most revolutionary devices in the interface of technology.

Though advanced, it is equally important to protect these devices as they are quite delicate at the same time. To protect better your iPhones, now the iPhone 5 Cases are out in the market. There are a lot of varieties now available for the iPhone case covers. You can choose any of the case covers that you like the most.

IPhone 5 Cases play quite an important role when it comes to better protecting them. These case covers protect the iPhone from all the edges as well as the whole body. Even at the instances of an accidental drop of your iPhone 5, if well protected by these case covers, they are saved quite well.

Any kind of damage or a scratch is no longer an issue of a worry. These case covers have proper cuts for the ports so that it becomes easy to plug in through the ports even when your iPhone 5 has been slit into the cover. These case covers are not only tough and well carved to protect your devices but they are also available in quite a style and trend. You can purchase the kind of the case cover for your device that suits the best to your style statement.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Smart Features Now Accessible

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High end Samsung galaxy phones cannot be compared to any other in the fields of performances or looks and it is not only Samsung which claims so but their satisfied users too agree cent percent to it. One such device is the Samsung galaxy Nexus that has quite excelled and defined the term smart phone to the core. The phone pushes the minimalistic look concept with hardly anything other than the screen on the front panel. The front panel houses a 4.65 inch super AMOLED touch capacitative screen which has the oleo phobic coating for protection from scratches. Without any physical buttons the front of the phone have the secondary 1.3 MP camera, the sensors, the screen and a pulsating little light for any pending notifications. Nowadays with unlocked mobile phones flooding the online markets one hardly complains about the network reception and with affordable offers complains become things of past.

One cannot be caught guilty for expecting something better than a 5 MP camera with LED flash as for the price Samsung could give an 8MP camera. This one became one of the first unlocked mobile phones to bring out the android 4.0 ice cream sandwich to the world of mobile phones. Data reception is not at all a concern as the phone has all that one can think of and even the NFC as per the network specifications. The Samsung galaxy nexus, is powered by the dual core 1.2 GHz cortex a9 processor making multi tasking a piece of cake for this device.


Apple iPhone 5: The Next-Gen Supermodel Of The Super-Smart Phones

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A few days ago, the tech world was ablaze with comments about Apple Inc. latest offering for the technocrats: the iPhone 5. And there was hardly a few sentences of downplay for it, as compared to the pages and pages of praise it got. Looking at the specs, it is hard to not feel surprised. Simply put, it is jaw-dropping.

  • The shell: The most noticeable visual alteration from the 4S to the iPhone 5 is the case and the screen. Apple went another half inch higher on the display, with a screen size of 4 inches diagonally. And the casing is a happy departure from the all-glass to the part aluminium and textured back panel of the present version, making the phone incredibly light-feeling and comfy to slide right into the hands of the user as per most iPhone 5 review writers.
  • Stunning screen: Making no sacrifice in resolution in spite of bumping up the screen half an inch, Apple has integrated its trademark Retina display to give stunning picture and video quality to the latest iPhone. The increased screen resolution only added to the overall viewing satisfaction on the iPhone, but it is still better on the other Apple devices like the MacBook and the iPad which have better screen sizes.
  • Insight on the iSight: One of the world’s most popular cameras may have outdone itself. A smaller aperture than the 4S, the iPhone 5 camera comes with a sapphire covering lens, making it harder than the previous versions while retaining the 8.1 megapixel sensor. An all-new Panorama mode with shooting assistant which integrates the phone’s gyroscope, sensor and processor to stitch together jaw-dropping visuals of large objects like buildings, all the way up to 28 megapixels. Talk about a crystal clear shot!
  • Blazing fast connectivity, everywhere: Apple’s latest offering integrates the latest 4G LTE network antenna, which gives up to 100 Mbps browsing speed on the go (subject to environmental and carrier conditions). It also integrates a dual frequency Wi-Fi antenna for browsing speeds up to 150 Mbps, complementing a stunning phone with lightning fast connectivity.
  • Music experience- to the next level: After extensive testing and trials, Apple have re-invented the famous iPod headphones and re-christened them “Ear Pods”. Starting the engineering from the ear itself, Apple has managed to come out with the best set of headphones ever. These new phones make the music feel like it’s actually playing inside one’s head, and what’s better: they never fall off unless removed as they are one-size fits all phones.
  • Packing a punch with the processor: Apple’s new blazing fast A6 chip is the first thing that the phone’s commendable multi-tasking capability can be attributed to. With a new design, Apple improved on its predecessor A5 chip to definitely pack a punch in the processor as the apps and all other functionalities are most definitely faster, comparing to the lagging that the 4S encountered with slightly complex tasks, as per most iPhone 5 review writers.
  • Lightning interface- the new face: The traditional 30-pin connector is done away with for a smaller and lighter connector named “Lighting”, with switching connector for adaptability to other 30-pin accessories made available in the short future.
  • iOS 6: The newest platform from the house of Apple, this version of the iOS comes packed with an inbuilt maps application, doing away with Google Maps, which provides turn by turn guidance and street view 3D rendering of most of the major cities. It has, among other upgrades, a more responsive and attentive Siri, the Apple voice assistant who listens better with the new beam forming noise cancellation microphone; a better and more central Facebook and Twitter integration for better networking and integration.

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