The Big Friendly Phone Comes with Amazing Features Perfect for Older Generation

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The Big Friendly Mobile Phone By Fonerange

A revolution in simple handset design. The Big Friendly Mobile Phone has considered every small need of the senior citizens while designing this phone. In case you are wondering that the phone is just for the elderly, think again! For everyone who fantasise a great handset and tired of little buttons or touch screens, this is a must buy.  The phone wins across all the rating categories. Its elegant white and black design is attractive. Moreover, the simplicity of the desktop charger adds yet another feather to the phone. Immaculate engineering is all that one can say about big friendly mobile phone. So what are the main features that instigate you to buy this phone? After a profound research, we come up with the Infographic on why is the Big Button Mobile Phone a must buy for everyone! Have a look:

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More Senior Friendly Functions: The Big Friendly Phone by Fonerange

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The Big Friendly Phone has got everything that an elderly need in a phone. It is not that this phone is meant for just older generation but it is also for those who are not comfortable with the small buttons and the touch screen and don’t like to use them for the same reason.

Fonerange Phone - Big Friendly Phone

This phone has got elegant white and black design and has got the solid built. It comes with the simplicity in the desktop charger. Unlike other big button phones, it is fully color screen. This means that one can actually dial against an image of a person rather than just the name of the person. There is also a torch facility in this phone which is useful for the elderly.

The elderly needs to check their health regularly. So, the Big Button Mobile Phone would allow you to remind the same, which can also be remotely set by the spouse. There is also a note section where you can record the results.

Big Button Mobile Phone - Fonerange

In an emergency situation, one can click the SOS button on the back of the phone. With just one click, you can text five people altogether. Also, you can even set the text to give a GPRS location. Therefore, the receiver of the text would get the location you are at.

Also, if your phone gets switched off and one of your relatives wants to get hold of you then still they can if they are in your SOS contacts. Their call will instantly wake your phone up and will start ringing.

Also, if you don’t want anyone to disturb you during the night time then you can set the privacy times, again you can set it so that your SOS contacts can still contact you.

This phone has even got the weather reporting built in. Available to order at

Most Popular Budget Big Button Mobile Phone for the Elderly

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Nowadays mobile phones are the most commonly used means of communication. Regardless of the nature of your job, you now need a mobile phone to stay in the loop. People of all ages belonging to different places have now accepted this fact and have made mobile phones a part of their daily lives. Different mobile phones with different specifications can now be found in the market from different brands. It has now come up as one of the most successful industries in the recent times.

PrePayMania Big Button Mobile Phone

But when it comes to the older generation, they do not seem to be getting in terms very well with the latest devices. They do not just find it confusing but are also uninterested in knowing more. So they prefer to keep their mobile phones very simple. They usually like to use their phones for the simple functionalities of the phone.

They usually use phones simply for making and taking calls. So they do not need a feature phone or a camera phone. The markets needed to come up with phones for elderly which are easy to use and are loud enough to be heard easily. That is why the big button mobile phone is getting quite popular among them.

Big Button Mobile Phone has big buttons which makes it easy to dial. These phones are quite loud and can be heard easily by the senior citizens. The phones for elderly are also available with attractive network options like pay as you go and much more.