HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: Battle for Perfect Camera Quality

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When it comes to technology, nothing can beat Samsung galaxy S4 and HTC one. It is extremely difficult to choose the best smart phone from these two choices. Common features like display and processor speed are almost the same for these two models.

HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: Camera Quality

One of the major attractions of HTC and Samsung smart phones is their camera. Though, the lens power of Galaxy S4 is 13 MP, that doesn’t make it superior to HTC’s 4MP camera. HTC introduces special image stabilization technology, which will help people to take photos, even in low light environments.

When we consider the picture quality of Samsung galaxy S4, we can identify that, the pictures are highly saturated. High contrast luminosity along with 13MP pixel rate will deliver high quality pictures. The lens of HTC will produce exact natural colors, without any saturation and contrast change.

If you want to capture every minute details of the environment, it will be better to use a galaxy S4. The high pixel rate will help you to get more clear pictures. You can capture 5the ecstasy of your holidays on beaches and hillsides, using your galaxy S4 camera.

HTC is more like a night vision camera. No other models can take such extra clear pictures in dim light. You cannot capture the beauty of evening sky in its full glory, using a galaxy S4 camera. The powerful lenses of HTC will help you to capture even the tiniest color variation in sky.

Every photographer will love to have a camera like Samsung galaxy S4. Its stunning 13 mega pixel camera can capture stunning memories forever.HTC one can distinguish even the minute color differences in a frame. If you want to take high quality pictures in dim light, it will be advisable to purchase a HTC one Smartphone.

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