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Samsung Galaxy S4 is full of modern technology which has outstanding features that makes our routine lives more easy with lot of fun. The use of this SmartPhone gives the feeling like the whole world has been compressed into it. Its exclusive and amazing features make our working process more smooth and give great relaxation to our life.


The people, who have a lot of craze for photography, The “Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera” is like a boon for them. It has 13-megapixel sensor, f/2.2 lens  and the smart shooting modes which give great quality pictures without any hassle. Its compact camera range made touch interfaces and front-screens the norm.

The high-spec NX range is coupled with a DSLR APSC sensor with transportable lenses. This is really great that we can get the quality of DSLR in a very small and comfortable form. The People who are looking for the something in-between, the mind-boggling Samsung EX2F that is coupled with f/1.4 lens in a compact form.

Samsung Galaxy S4  Camera is being like a powerful picture taker and seems that S4 owners tend to the photographers at a party. Interesting thing about this camera is, you are able to capture images with different shots as per the needs.

Samsung has introduced a Dual shot, for capturing the images from all angles. Drama shot, that is the new way to catch movements  within a single still photograph. In this shot you can take multiple image for the different movements and stitching them together then this Drama Shot turns a photo into a study of movement. Animated Photo, that is to create moving pictures. You can select here which portion of the screen you want to make animated and which to keep static only. Story album, It is an auto desktop publishing app that curates your event photos and turns them into a smart photo album. Sound & shot, It makes images more rich with sound. It provides you the option to record nine seconds of audio at the time before you shoot or you are taking a picture. The picture becomes more rich with sound for sure.

Thus, Make your world more Beautiful with a rich photography by Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera.

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