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Orange GPRS Setting for Motorla V3

Turn phone on and go to the menu section (Orange Sim Card must be in the phone)

Scroll to Web Access (Usually found on the right hand side of the menu) and press select

From this menu scroll down to the Web Sessions (Usually at the bottom of the Menu) and press select

You will now see a list of websessions. Scroll to any one of these and press the middle button at the top of your keypad. Now click Edit

Scroll down to hompage (Second line down) and delete al info in there except http://. Once this has been done add the words orange.multimedia/ so the whole line should now read http://orange.multimedia/ press ok if this has been done.

Now scroll to Service Type 1: change it to WAP

Now scroll to Proxy 1: change it to

Now scroll to Port 1: change to 9201

Now scroll down to GPRS APN: (this is quite a way down the list nearly at the bottom) once found change data in there to read orangeinternet (No space)

Now scroll to User Name : Change to user

Now scroll to password: change to pass

Click Done

The list will now come back up scroll to the session you have just edited and press the top middle button on your keypad and scroll to Set as default and press select.

Your phone should now be set up to work on the internet through Orange

 NB. Entry Mode is usually best set to TAP and not ITAP for entering web addresses etc. to change mode when in any of the input fields press the top middle button on the keypad and select Entry Mode and change to TAP.





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