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The Big Friendly Big Button Mobile Phone By Fonerange

The Big Friendly Big Button Mobile Phone By Fonerange

Product code: 15079
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Fonerange

Mobile Phone Details

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Quick Product Overview :   A revolution in simple handset design. The Big Friendly Big Button Mobile Phone really has thought of everything a Senior may need in a phone. But is The Big Friendly Mobile Phone just for the older generation.definitely not.This is great handset for those that just hate little buttons or touch screens. Its a great first handset. To tell you the truth it is a great all rounder. With its elegant white and black design and with the simplicity of the desktop charger. This is just the perfect handset. So what are the main featuresWhy should you buyWhat stands this handset out in a class of its own above all other big button handsetsWell here goes with a brief into.

Detailed Product Description:

The Big Friendly Phone By Fonerange

1. The handset is solidly built and includes a desktop charger so no playing with fiddly wires trying to charge the handset (A micro USB port is available should you wish to plug the mains charger in direct)

2. Fully colour screen Unlike other Big Button Handsets, this handset has a full colour screen, meaning you can actually dial against an image of a person rather than just the name of the person (great for the visually impaired)

3. Torch facility a great 2 led designed torch for extra brightness

4. Health Check information Need to take your blood pressure twice a day? or your insulin injection You can set your phone to remind you of all of these things (Can even be set remotely by a spouse) there is even a note section which allows you to record the results So your next trip to the doctors you will be well prepared with all your blood pressure results or heart rates, or whatever you have been monitoring.

5. SOS button on the back of the phone which can text unto 5 people in an emergency with one click of the button and don't worry you can even set the text to give a gprs location. This uses triangulation to work out where you are.good enough for any one receiving the text to know if you are at home or a friends or a shopping mall

6. Turned your phone off? your Daughter needs to get hold of you though Not a problem if your daughter is one of your SOS contacts she can still call you even when your phone is switched off (providing of course you still have battery power)The call will instantly wake the phone up and start ringing. (feature can be turned off)

7. Don't want to be disturbed during the night? you can even set privacy times when you don't want you phone ringing, again you can set it so that SOS contacts can still get hold of you.

8. Weather reports Lets face itwe all want to know what the weather is going to be like and this little phone has weather reporting built in.

9. THE ABSOLUTE BEST FEATURE - Lets say you have bought this phone for your grandma, she doesn't understand how to set these features up Not a problem each phone has a unique pin codeyou as a relative or friend (If you have the pin) can go online and set up all the contacts, alarm settings etc on the web and providing again you are part of the SOS group you can send the phone a text message telling it to sync and it will automatically re sync with the information you have put in the cloud, So next time you change your telephone number you don't have to worry about your grandmother editing the contact on the phone you can do it on line for her and just send a text to the phone to re sync, Whats more, if blood pressure results or heart rate results have been put into the handset, they automatically will sync with the cloud and you will be able to see remotely the results.Your grandmother needs to get up early tomorrow but has no idea how to set the alarm Not a problem you can do it remotely.

This is an amazing phone,with amazing features. This The Fonerange V1 truly is the handset you should be buying for your elderly parents.

The Big Friendly Phone By Fonerange
Voiis V1 Senior's Easy Life Big Button GSM Mobile Phone

Phone Compatibility

"Great phone,has a lot of features,in the sos contacts put there mobile numbers in,great idea to wake the phone up when it is switched off when you have a incoming call. "  -  - Eric meadows

"This phone was purchased for my mother. Is it extremely easy to use and she loved the large clear display. "  -  - Sheila Clark

"Great phone once you get instructions from Prepaymania on how to load the photos. A 90 year old who has had a small stroke still seems to find endless ways of being unable to use it correctly!! "  -  - Denise

"This phone is a great all round phone for users who need a more rugged, big numbered, excellent featured phone. One slight niggle is that the lights go out too quickly and there isnt a menu setting to alter this. Otherwise I would recommend this phone time and time again. The ease of ordering and the speed of dispatch and delivery were overnight. Thank you. Would have got 5 stars if you could alter the lights on delay. "  -  - Arathorn

"I purchased this mobile for my elderly mother who finds it difficult to see clearly The large numbers and letters made the keyboard easy to see and use when sending text messages and using to make phone calls, This phone is packed with features like the SOS which is great. Also being able to set it up online is excellent and made it very easy to personalize, Now what i don't like screen goes into lock mode to quickly, Wallpaper should have a simple white available as pictures make it difficult when used by someone with poor vision, I don't see the need for 8 photo ID contacts and finally really who is going to use pulse blood pressure and heart beat settings. Overall this is a fantastic mobile that once all the bits you don't need are disabled it makes the phone simple to use and is easy enough for a partially sighted 87 year old to use "  -  - Mr Robinson


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