Rumors – Samsung Galaxy S4 May Include Eye-tracking Scroll Technology

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As you all know, Samsung is among one of the prominent players in the mobile industry today. There are high chances that no other company could achieve that excellence of technology which Samsung provides to its users and that is why with progressing technology, it comes with advent of new features and models every day and one that is in news at its peak is Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price-Review And Features

Samsung’s latest device is rolling out in the market with an excellent and outstanding speed and soon Samsung is coming with its new device called Samsung galaxy S4. Apart from its arrival news everything that is known is all about its amazing features. There are talks that prevail in the market regarding this new device and it is assumed that it will open new doors of technology oriented era.

This S series package has brought a lot of new features and configuration that will lead its users to a brand new world. For those people who like to enjoy new technology every next day for such high tech lovers this device is surely a choice. Except its design, tech specs, software and availability also the news regarding Samsung galaxy S4 features is on the peak.  There is one feature in this new device that is grabbing attraction in the market and it will surely amaze you too.

There is news that apart from Samsung Galaxy S4 features such as larger screen, 1080p display, 13MP rear camera, 2.1MP front camera, Android 4.2, better battery life and what not, but the thing that makes every other feature absurd is its eye tracking feature.

There is news that Samsung’s this advanced device will have an eye tracking camera that will scroll down the page as you read. This feature states that there will be soon a potential end to finger based scrolling. This eye scroll feature outlines a system that allows text page scrolling based on the users eye movement and this movement will be tracked by on-board camera of this Samsung Galaxy S4.

As such this technology is not all new as it’s another model S3 includes a feature called dubbed smart stay that enables eye tracking to keep display switch on till the user looks at the phone. Still it’s going to be exciting to watch this S4 model.

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