iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Tough Competition

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Smartphones have captured the market in recent years with the Google app world feature that provides numerous applications for free for all the smartphone users. Both the well renowned companies of the world Samsung and Apple are competing in the market with the launch of their latest models.


Apple has released latest iPhone 5 and Samsung has come up with Galaxy S4. This is the most memorable comparison of smartphones occurring in past few years. However each device is having its own features with particular fanatics and critics. Since an average user of smartphone is unable to grasp the complications in technology used in each of the respective devices the users are adamant on the thought which smartphone will provide a better experience.

The iPhone 5 is glorified for its smooth and unique operating system that is out of the box. Galaxy S4 has installed advanced Android operating system that will enable users to personalize what they experience. However there are two most important differences in them which also leave an impact on the user’s view of each device.

The first thing consumer will think is about the ‘cost’ while making purchase of any of the smartphones. Today in the market demand of Samsung Galaxy S4 is at rage however; its competitor Apple’s iPhone 5 may conquer the market still due to its counterpart of making it a cheaper model.

HIS iSuppli estimated huge difference in the cost between both the mobile phones. This obviously means Apple will earn more profit which will ultimately increase its investment in innovation, support, price competition and marketing. Apple iPhone 5 with storage capacity of 16BG costs $196 to the manufacturer. The cost estimated for 32GB storage version is $217 and that of 64GB version would be $238.Samsung Galaxy S4’s cost for 16GB model is estimated $244 which means its cost is $48 more per unit in comparison to iPhone. However the LTE version of S4 with 16GB storage is $3 cheap.

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